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Here we have Naima. Her and friend Khadija both run a great blog page on nutrition and food. A very touching story worth reading. “Naima and I were both diagnosed with a health condition, the experience allowed us to change our ways of eating and living. We were able to reverse our health condition by learning how to choose healthier alternatives. We have a passion for sharing information from professionals who are in the field of nutrition, wellness coaches and more. They share their expertise on topics that we believe are important to us and hopefully to you. What we hope to accomplish is to present a broader perspective on the issues of wholistic living and natural nutrition and our hope is to benefit all of us in sha Allah. We run a blog that is dedicated to natural living. We want to inspire a community that will be committed to living a healthy and wholesome lifestyle. We share some interesting and timely topics on healthy living, fitness and delicious recipes that will nourish your body and mind.” #SomaliSideways.

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