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Here we have Anisa from #Canada. “My family was fortunate enough to flee Somalia just before the civil war broke out. Alhamdullilah for being raised in a Somali household; my thick skin is credited to my parents and six brothers. With Trump becoming the next President, I fear for my Muslim brothers and sisters as well as any other minority group who’ll have to face any such discrimination as a result of his presidency. However, we should all remember to stay strong and ‘make racists scared again.’ Anywhere a racist rears their head, we will combat them. It’s that simple! I’m also thankful to Allah that my family was able to make Canada our second home and wouldn’t have it any other way. Even though I still have yet to visit Somalia it’s a country that will always run deep through my veins and will forever be a place I can call home”. #SomaliSideways.

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