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Here we have Khatra Hassan taken by the College of Art & Design in #Minneapolis, #Minnesota. “Believe it or not, before I got into photography, I would see a tree full of fall colors, drive by a beautiful hill of flowers, look at snow covered roads, see someone’s face with tons of character, and honestly, I did not pay attention to those details. I remember driving with my dad and he would say “look at the amazing colors in these trees” and I would say “uh huh” and think nothing of it. It was not until I started capturing photos and seeing the beauty on my screen, that I began to see details, colors and light in a whole new way. Now, I will be eating in a restaurant and see someone sitting by the window, and think “wow, look at the perfect light on their face. That would make a perfect portrait.” I feel like a veil was lifted and I see what I was missing for all those years before. No other activity brings me such satisfaction. I am just wired to be at my best when I have a camera in my hand. Like all human beings, I am flawed. In fact, I am as far from perfect as you can ever get and still be in the parking lot. I am the least among you. No doubt about it. But when I have a camera in hand, I am closer to my purpose and perfection than I will otherwise ever be while still walking this earth. If you can find that thing in your life, whatever it is, that thing that makes you the best you that you can be, grab it. For me, its photography”. #SomaliSideways.

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