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Here we have @emanidil in #Saskatchewan, #Canada. “I am a Canadian-Somali designer/journalist/yoga teacher. I’ve always known that I did not want a conventional career path. I would drive my mother crazy as a little girl because I would say I wanted to do everything. And I did. I wanted to create a career that was a lifestyle. The idea of being somewhere for a certain number of hours always made me feel incredibly claustrophobic. But I didn’t listen to my younger self. I finished my degree, got a 9-5 job, moved to my dream city and then I crashed so hard. I’m talking eating pizza in bed four days a week, netflix every weekend, and more miserable than I have ever been. I didn’t understand why. And I had “it”. You know, that thing you’re told to aspire to. I was living in a beautiful condo in downtown Toronto, and working my dream job. I owned a friggen couch that wasn’t even from IKEA! I was as grown up as I could have been at 22. But I was also more miserable than I had ever been. I remember being at work and thinking, “Is this it? Is this where I will be for the next 40 years?” That’s a scary thought for someone like me. I’m a cross between a nomad and commitment-phobe. The idea of being stagnant, or working the same job until I retire makes me nauseous. I CANT. But that’s what’s “right”, or so I’ve been told. So I toughed it out. The longer I was there, the more I didn’t recognize myself. I had lost my sparkle. Sometimes I would look at pictures of myself and I felt like I was looking at a stranger. Even my voice began sounding less like me. I was going through motions and so detached from everything that makes me the person that I am. Until one day I just decided I couldn’t give another day of my life to something I did not love with all of my heart. So I quit. I didn’t tell my parents, or friends back in Saskatchewan. I just did it. And then I did maybe the craziest thing I’ve ever done in my life…..” To read the rest of Eman’s wonderful story, check out the website on our homepage.

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