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Here we have Amina Hassan in #Oregon, #USA. “Growing up I was always the token black/Muslim friend (my family & I were the only Somalis in my small town) and I felt the high pressure of painting my people in a positive light. As I grew older and was exposed to more Somalis (through social media) I realized how important representation really was. While my social media accounts (insta, YouTube & a blog) are mostly for personal enjoyment, I am passionate about my online presence because of the fact that black Muslimahs lack representation in the blogging world. 9 times out of 10 the influencers and bloggers we have access to are Arab/South Asian, making it difficult for black Muslimahs to feel included. I hope to use my blog/channel as a way to both shed light on issues within the Somali community & also highlight the fact that not all successful, stylish Muslim women are Arab/ South Asian! I’m starting a Masters of Education program in Minnesota this winter (inshallah) and hope to use my career as a tool for the next generation of Somali- Americans”. #SomaliSideways.

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