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Here we have Sacidyo Dhubow in #SanDiego, #California. “I came to the United States when I was 9 years old. I grew up in a big Somali community in San Diego California. I always loved fashion growing up. My idea was to start a line that was both fun and modest keeping the Deen in mind. What inspired me to start my own line is that majority of retailers here in the United States and around the world often neglect women who want to dress modest by providing clothing that are revealing which is disadvantage for women like myself and many others. My line offers affordable and stylish clothing. I wanted to wear something fun while still being covered. I started making clothing for myself. I started my journey not only wanting to help myself but to help my sisters who want to dress modest. My line is fun, modest and fashion forward. I design and make my own clothing. Its been a long road but alhamdulillah I’m getting a lot of recognition as a designer now. I’ve been invited to many modest fashion runway shows. There are not a lot of Somali designers, and the support I receive from women of all walks of life is amazing. Whatever you want to do in this world work hard, pray and Allah will guide you through the way. My goal is to change the fashion industry to show that dressing modest is beautiful”. #SomaliSideways.

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