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Here we have Ayan Bashir at in #Mississauga, #Toronto, #Canada. “Rise a little earlier. Think a little clearer. Pray a little longer. Love a little harder. ” -A l e x e l l e. I always had the urge to create, from small doodles on my friends growing up too devoting my effort in art projects. Everything became my canvas about two years ago I picked up a henna cone. It was so different and difficult so I kept at it. Practised on myself then begged my family and Alhamdullilah it went uphill from consistent effort. I now use henna/jagua as my medium to create art with the human body as my canvas. Through this journey I realized everyone around you has a opinion about your next steps and your future goals. However that becomes noise in the background when you find something you love. You listen to your own voice and your own passion and let it pave your way. I’m still learning and growing with my love for art, currently henna/jagua is medium but with trust in Allah swt I might find an even better outlet to create”. #SomaliSideways.

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