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Here we have Maryan Garane in #Minneapolis, #Minnesota. “The only thing that will make you happy is being happy with who you are, and not who people think you are.” I chose to embrace comedy at the age of 6. Throughout my life I turned to comedy to heal my wounds. At the age of 8 my parents divorced, this was a sad time for me because I loved having my father around. He was like my best friend. I was a child then so I didn’t know much , all I wanted was to be happy. My dad decided to move back to California, then our communication faded away. Fast forward to the age of 13, I started cracking jokes with a few friends, which eventually turned me into the class comedian. I found out that I love making people laugh, because it helps others find happiness. My mother taught me this and I love her, she’s my best friend and my other half. Although I’ve never been to Somalia, my grandma taught me everything I know about our beautiful culture, including the language. She’s the “Mother” I always act like in my videos. She taught me tough love, and how to story tell. My grandma is also very funny in her own way, one time I asked her, “Ayeeyo gaabdha wiilaasha mii waaydiin kaaran ii guurso? Which means “Hey grandma, can girls ask guys to marry them? She responded quickly with, “AGAAH! Maya Maya Maya, NOOOO NOOO NOO! I never forgot that special moment. In 2012, I turned to Keek & Vine, which are apps you can make videos on. This has helped build the audience I have today 3 years later. Connecting with other people, doing funny clips, using the hashtag or #SomaliKeekNation. I love what I do because I’ve helped inspire many people. Others have also inboxed me telling me how much my videos help them get over a bad day. I don’t know where this adventure will take me but we’ll see. Now in 2016 I’m a Junior at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, where I plan to get a B.A in Strategic Business Marketing & Human Resources. It’s hard doing videos and going to school, but it’s easy for me to entertain people”. #SomaliSideways.

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